Surf Spots

Discover the most amazing surf spots near our house

Taghazout is one of the best surfing regions of Morocco and a well known winter surf trip for European and American surfers looking for winter sun. The water is at 16/18 degrees for most of the year.

Within walking distance you can reach from the Roof Hostel six of Moroccos best surf spots, that are Anchor Point, Killer Point, Dog Steps, Hash Point, Mysteries and La Source.

Otherwise there are much more spots around Taghazout that you can easily reach by bus or taxi for example Imsouane, Tamri or Sidi Ifni.

Just ask the Roof Hostel crew members and they will give you informations where to ride the best waves every day.


Anchor point

Withing five minutes walking you will reach one of Morocco’s premiere waves.
Anchor is a long right hand point break that works best on a low. It takes over 4 ft to work and holds over 15 ft. Best on a north westerly swell with south easterly winds.
The area was named by Jimmy Hendrix in 1967 due to the anchors which had been left from earlier times.


Killer point

Killer Point is named after the killer whales which are sometimes found basking off the point, feeding off the fish rich sandbanks.
The swell is always bigger than Anchor Point and works from knee high to double overhead.
A powerful right, do not get caught inside as the caves and reefs seem to get very close as you are sucked across the front of them.



Popular with beginners when small, this right hander breaks over sand and into Banana Beach, but when the swell is pumping it can be world class! also only a minute’s walk form our apartments.


Hash point

Just a one minute walk from our hostel! This waves works best for you if you do not have the time to leave the village of Taghazout or you are to lazy to walk the five minutes to Anchor Point. On a good day the spot can provide a fun wedgy righthander.



Mysteries is found 100m (just 10 minutes walking distance) north of Anchor Point and breaks over a rock reef.

It works from 2-6 ft and is best surfed on a low-mid tide. It is a spot for intermediates and advanced surfers. But watch out for the close out set which seems to happen with no reason when the Atlantic Ocean is pumping.


La source

The natural spring which rises through the rocks on the high tide line (a place for washing and fresh drinking water, the camels and goats sharing the same supply gave some interesting morning meetings) gives the wave called the Source its name. It works from 2-6 ft and is best surfed on a low-mid tide giving both lefts and rights. Argan trees can be found behind the site.