Surfing Services

Discover the surf around Taghazout

Taghazout is one of the best surfing regions of Morocco and a well known winter surfing direction for European,American and Australian surfers looking for winter sun. The water is at 16 to 18 degrees celsius for most of the year. Within walking distance from the Roof House Taghazout you can reach six of Moroccos best surf spots. Moreover, there are many more spots around Taghazout that you can easily reach by bus or taxi, for example Imsouane, Tamri or Sidi Ifni.

Offering good surf services as well as a friendly and laid-back atmosphere, the Roof House Taghazout is the perfect place to meet other surfers and make new friends. Our team will help you with anything you require in order to achieve a perfect surfing adventure:

Surf accommodation

The accommodation we offer is the perfect choice for couples, families, and groups of friends. Come here for a comfortable, affordable and familiar stay and you’ll be sure to have an amazing time! However, our dorms are also suitable for backpackers or surfers just looking for a low-budget place to stay. Of course, all our facilites are free to use and we also offer free breakfast every morning. Check out our rooms HERE.

Surf guiding

We have local surf guides who show you where to ride the best waves every day whether it will be for beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers. The guides take you to spots like Anchor Point, which is one of the most famous spots, or the closeby Mysteries, which is both side left and right and it get’s pumping sometimes. If you do not like the condition there, we take you further to surf the secrets spots around Taghazout like Slaps, Boilers or Dracula (check our list HERE).

Surf equipment

We offer different kinds of surf boards for beginners and pros. Longboards, short boards, fish boards, single fin boards and bodyboards – we have all kinds of boards to rent that you will need to ride the waves around Taghazout. We recently got some new Almeric professional surf boards coming in – check them out! Of course we also offer other equipment llike wet suits and so on.

Surf lessons

Furthermore we offer surf lesson packages for any kind of surfing level. We take care of your wet suit, individual surf board, transportation to the surf spot, a lunch at the beach and of course also the surf teacher. We offer flexible packages from simple teaching lessons up to extended surf trips.

Surf photography

We have an professional surf photographer with a 7D and big lenses to get the best shots of you. If you book surf lessons, he can take pictures of you, so you can learn from mistakes and develop a better style – by the way providing you with some nice shots of your own surfing!