Frequently Asked Questions

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What money should I bring?

The official moroccan currency is DIRHAM (MAD). It is a closed currency and thereby can be only obtained within the country and needs to be spent here, with certain allowanced. You would probably want to get some money at an official ATM on arrival. In Taghazout itself there is not ATM, but in closeby other towns we can show them to you.

Do I need visa to get into the country?

Most of you (e.g. American or EU passport holders) can just get their passports stamped on arrival at border control, which is valid for up to 90 days. Your passport needs to be valid for at least another 6 months on date of arrival, though. Check out your government’s further advices and have a look at MOROCCO.COM for further passport/visa information.

How is the surf around Taghazout?

Actually, the surf couldn’t be any better around here – Taghazout is famous for it’s long-running winter surf culture, especially various and he best conditions for all levels from beginner to long year pro. You can watch Panorama from our rooftop, while seven other spots are right around the corner. This is surfer paradise! We can provide you with everything you need, from wetsuit and board to lessons and guidingjust contact us!

What kind of Equipment should I bring?

Sometimes people bring a lot of own equipment with them, but usually people just rent our stuff. We offer boards and wetsuits for all levels – and we will easily organize everything special you would want to make for your perfect surfing experience. Check out our rates and equipment on the website or just tell us about your vision via mail. We will make it happen!

What will the weather be like?

Well, the sun shines most of the time; this region is said to experience only 5 rain days a year. After the usually quick but beautiful sunset the night might get a littler cooler than the days, so you might wanna bring a hoodie and jeans. You can bring the classical beach wear, but please be sensitive with the cultural and religious feelings of the local people while walking inside the town. Check out the weather HERE.

What else can I do but surfing?

The beautiful Paradise Valley (gallery) is definitely work a day trip, also Sidi Ifni and Agadir as well as some of the market places in the area. We can also arrange for about a weeks stay in the Rif mountains, living with a Berber family trekking with a guide, if you want to. We can also organize quad bikes, camel or horse rides as well as yoga or haircuts. Check out out activities here and just ask us for more.

What about the local party scene?

It’s not best to drink in public, though it’s not officially prohibited. We can do a run to the supermarket for you, you may just bring your own, or just go to the clubs of Agadir for a night out. Most of the evenings we organize something on our roof top terrace though (gallery), and do regular barbecues every Friday night. Join us!

Why is there a travel warning against Morocco?

You should always bring your brains when travelling, however, Taghazout is generally safe and the people are very friendly. Some European as well as the US-American and Australian governments put out general travel warnings against Arab countries because of the general threats of “Islamic State” (IS) and “Al-Qaida in Maghreb” (AQIM) against western countries. However, Morocco is probably the most secure and modern Arab country right now, with the pro-western government focussing on keeping tourism running.