How to get to our place

Where are we located?

The Roof House Taghazout is located right in the heart of Taghazout, a small Berber fishing town at the Atlantic coast which has become well-known since half a century for it’s outstanding surf especially in the winter months.

We are situated 20 minutes north of the city of Agadir and about 3.30 hours south of Marrakesh.

On arrival in Taghazout, give us a call or just ask for the Roof House hostel, right behind the mosque. The town is not big.

This map on the right may also help you in locating our place:

How to get there?

Generally, you can either take a Ferry (probably from Tarifa or Algeciras to Tangier or Ceuta) or fly directly into Morocco. Check this website for cheap flights all around the world:

Some more website you might want to check:
  • (cheapest flights all around the world)
  • (especially from England and Ireland)
  • http://www, (especially from England and Ireland)
  • (from Amsterdam to Agadir)
  • (from Brussels to Agadir)
  • (especially from Madrid & Barcelona)

Once inside Morocco, we can organise your transfer for you, you can rent a car on arrival or you follow these directions:

  • From Agadir, we can pick you up for about 30 EUR, or you can take take different kind of taxi, or even an expensive tourist bus from the main bus station. We would advice you to just take the local bus with the number 32/33 (7 MAD) until it’s last stop, Taghazout.
  • From Marrakech, we can pick you up for around 80 EUR or you look for a bus going to Agadir (see above).
  • From Essaouira, you should take a bus to Agadir and there we can pick you up or you get on a local bus (see above).
  • From Tangier, you can take an overnight bus to Agadir there we can pick you up or you get on a local bus (see above).


Generally, travelling by bus, you have a choice: either you take the more expensive tourist buses, which you can check out online or right away from the air-/port (Tanger – Agadir = 300+ MAD). Otherwise, you can check out the local bus station and get a ticket there like the locals do (Tangier – Agadir = 180 MAD).
The latter might take more time, do more stops and guarantee you to be hazzled by all kind of weird beggars checking through the buses like living TV ads. But it is definitely more of an experience – and costs less. You do not have to pay the “luggage helping guy” at the bus, though, their just hazzling.